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Claims Management

In the event that you have to make a claim, you will want to be confident in your insurance broker's ability to handle the situation effectively and in your best interest.

Cooke & Mason will be with you every step of the way, from organising and attending meetings with insurers, loss adjusters and third parties, acting as a point of contact to remove the workload from you.

We will always work in your best interest, whether this is ensuring that you receive prompt action on a claim, or your biggest client receives a quick settlement for a claim made against you and, in doing so, help to preserve the good working relationship.

Our claims handling teams are trained to understand the pressures your organisation will face as a result of a claim and so will provide you with the right advice, dependant upon circumstance. With a dedicated point of contact, you will always be kept up to date with how a claim is progressing.

Insurance Claims – Customer Service Charter

“Claims” is what you buy when you buy insurance. It is the promise to pay when you need it. You don’t know how good your insurance is until you have a claim.

We know claims can be stressful. This is why we aim to be with you whenever you have to deal with an insurance company professional, their loss adjuster or solicitor.

Our objective is to ensure that valid and fair claims are paid, paid as quickly as possible and that our customers get what they are entitled to.

We don’t expect you to be an insurance expert. When you have a claim we will tell you what will happen next and what you need to do. We will help you pull together everything that is needed to advance the settlement of your claim.

We will help you with issues connected with the claim which your insurer isn’t responsible for, such as uninsured losses, such as recovering excesses where it is not your fault.

If an insurer says your claim is not covered, and we think it is, then we will challenge that decision and attempt to change their view.

If an offer is too low, we will help you to push for a higher figure.

We will monitor your outstanding claims estimates and insist that insurers only maintain fair estimates.


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When we were indirectly involved in a serious incident last year, Cooke and Mason went beyond the call of duty. 

- Claims Client

Through our claims, Cooke and Mason advised us superbly at each and every step and would like to thank the team for the immense level of support.

- Claims Client

 Cooke and Mason’s recent effort in dealing with our claim has been unbelievable and I have the highest regard for their professionalism and Cooke and Mason in general. 

- Claims Client

The effort which Cooke and Mason provided was more than I expected. Cooke and Mason provides an excellent service not to be found in many other brokers

- Claims Client