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Article posted Friday 31st August 2018

Whether it is a holiday or you are travelling for business getting injured or falling ill overseas can quickly get extremely expensive.

The Association of Business Insurers recently reported that in 2017 a total of £385 million was paid out in 510,000 travel insurance claims, 30,000 more claims than the previous year. This is the equivalent of almost one claim every minute and over £1million every day.

Medical expenses accounted for the biggest part of the cost with many claims rising into the tens of thousands, the average medical expenses claim was almost £1,300.

Also leading to significant claims costs were cancellations and lost baggage and money.

The team at Cooke & Mason can help you find the right cover for your organisation’s travel circumstances taking into account the length of any trip, the numbers travelling, any medical conditions, the location you are visiting, how frequently people travel and any specific activities or baggage requirements.

If you would like further information about travel insurance our specialists will be happy to help, contact them on 01777 869900 or by email using

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