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Changes to the legal duty to insure your vehicle

Article posted Monday 27th September 2010


<p>The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a central register of insurance policy information for all insured UK vehicles. This is used by the police to detect and seize more than 500 uninsured vehicles every day.
<p>Due to be introduced in 2011, Continuous Insurance Enforcement will mean that if there is no record on the MID showing your vehicle is insured, and you have not declared it as “off road”, then you can expect to receive a letter warning that you could face a fine or prosecution. The vehicle could also be clamped, seized and ultimately, destroyed.
<p>To avoid the inconvenience of being unnecessarily contacted or worse, stopped by the police, it is important that you always comply with policy conditions and MID requirements.
<p>If you are in any doubt about what is required of you, please speak to your usual insurance contact.

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