Insecticide in the fight against Bed Bugs.

bed bugRecent research from an Australian University has shown that Bed Bugs are becoming resistant to the insecticides used to kill them. Studies have found that the most resistant bed bugs had skin thickness 16% greater than the least resistant. Failed infestation treatment is the most likely cause of this evolution; the Bed bugs with thicker skin survive and therefore later generations develop higher resistance to the insecticide.

Cooke and Mason’s HotelCover offers unique removal cover as standard under your insurance. We work with experts in the pest control field who are continually working on new and improved methods of effectively removing bedbugs from your hotel in a quick and discreet manner.

Our free Hotel Owners and Managers Guide to Bed Bugs is avalible to download by clicking the banner above.

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Reference: Lilly DG, Latham SL, Webb CE, Doggett SL (2016) Cuticle Thickening in a Pyrethroid-Resistant Strain of the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae). PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153302. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153302

What Happens To Existing Claims When You Change Hotel Insurance Broker?

Don't Chance Your Claims When Changing Your Hotel Insurance BrokerThe above is a key question which every hotel owner or manager should include in their thinking when selecting an insurance broker.

Some brokers, upon being appointed by a new hotel client, will only deal with the claims which occur after the date they are appointed.

This leaves the previous broker with the job of continuing to represent the hotel’s best interests in discussions with insurers and/or claims adjusters.

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Why You Need To Consider £20m Hotel Liability Insurance

Is Your Hotel Liability Insurance Adequate?It’s that time of year again. Your insurance renewal is fast approaching and your broker has sent you a request for updated figures and sums insured to obtain renewal terms on the correct basis.

What do you consider to be a suitable level of public liability? Would it be £1m or £2m? What about £5m? Surely that must be enough hotel liability insurance protection should something go wrong and you as a business were found to be liable for the damage or injury?

Would you therefore be surprised if I were to tell you that we would suggest an absolute minimum of £10m and would actually recommend you consider £20m?

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