Independent & Boutique Hotels

We know that for independent and boutique hotels, quality is the key ingredient. Whilst you provide exceptional levels of service that are second to none together with a unique experience for your guests, we support your business with the same principals in your insurance and risk management programme.

As a boutique hotel you may have a theme running through your business that requires insurance cover on some very special or unique items, designs or facilities.

These may include antiques, works of art or one-off commissions which need special consideration to the value and potential replacement.

Boutique Hotel Insurance

Such an example would be electric bike hire; where we assisted one independent boutique hotel not only to draft the terms and conditions of use for their guests but also to ensure their risk exposures and liabilities for the use of the bikes was adequately covered.

And if you are thinking of including a climbing wall within your hotel we can even arrange the cover for one of those.

100% of Hotel client General Managers rated Cooke & Mason’s quality of response as “Excellent”  (75%) or “Very Good” (25%). (Customer Satisfaction Survey Oct. 2014)

Spa’s, Pools & Treatments

If your hotel includes a spa, pool, health club, holistic treatments or golf course, these all come with their own set of unique insurance and risk management requirements.

The key is working with you to demonstrate your commitment to robust health & safety procedures and management of these high risk areas, including those of various holistic treatments.

This collaboration combined with our in-depth knowledge of your business, gives us the ammunition to present your risks to insurers in the best possible light. In turn, enabling insurers to offer their most competitive cover and terms.

Expansion Plans

If the plans for your business include expansion, we are also on hand to assist with relevant insurance covers. These could include the development of a new building or the refurbishment works for existing premises.

At this stage some of the covers you will need to consider under your boutique hotel insurance programme include:-

  • Latent defects
  • Contract works
  • Defective title
  • Advance profits
  • Performance bonuses

You will also want someone on hand with the knowledge and experience to vet the insurance arrangements of your contractors to ensure they have suitable insurance cover in place whist working in and on your premises.

So whether you are a single venue independent hotel owner or own/manage a small chain of boutique hotels we are able to provide the depth of knowledge and expertise you need in placing the insurance covers for unique set of risks and requirements.

For more information on independent and boutique hotel insurance contact Charlie Best here.