Hotel HR Support

Employment Law is always changing and some would say it keeps on going in the same direction. For many hoteliers, the luxury of an in-house hotel HR expert is, in most cases, simply not an affordable or viable option. So where do you go for price-competitive advice?

For hotel groups and chains with their own in-house HR Manager the service provided by PIB Risk Management is equally valued. It provides the in-house manager access to another hotel human resources professional, enabling them to discuss and seek a second opinion on a confidential basis, without having to refer to resources where the meter starts ticking as soon as the phone is answered.

Here at Hotelcover we work closely with our sister company PIB Risk Management who have their own dedicated hotel HR consulting staff, who’s job it is to keep you right up-to-date with all the latest legislation and best practice in the world of hospitality HR.

Hotel HR Advice & Resources

Some of the more frequent issues we advise hoteliers on, include:-

  • Shift working
  • Bar management – charging drinks to rooms etc – providing “free” drinks to colleagues and self
  • Pilfering
  • Cash handling
  • Pressurised kitchen environment – confrontational situations
  • Maternity issues
  • Staff/guest fraternisation
  • Staff contract termination
  • Right to work

Whether it is contracts of employment or you are having difficulties with underperforming employees, when you have a problem, we will give you options.

You will have access to practical hotel HR advice, supported with tailored documents and backed up by insurance. Ask us for help with any of the issues above or those of redundancy, reducing hours, TUPE and disciplinary issues!

And if you want help to create clear hotel HR policies and procedures; simple rules which keep you in control and out of the tribunals, we are here to advise and assist.

Professional & Practical HR Support

Whatever the issue we are always professional and approachable.

Essentially, our service gives you quick and easy access to practical support for your personnel management and removing any unnecessary worry and burden from your already hectic day.

In a ‘nutshell’, hotel Human Resources Support can provide you with:-

  • Expert telephone advice from experienced consultants
  • An audit of your existing documentation to check for legal compliance
  • The preparation and update of contracts of employment, handbooks, policies and procedures, all personalised to reflect your culture and image
  • On site meetings to advise on and assist with the more difficult issues, such as redundancy, reorganisation, complex disciplinary matters, relocation, TUPE or other matters causing you concern
  • Training for your managers on any employment related topic
  • Insurance supported advice – if you follow our advice from the outset, legal costs and any award against you may be covered by insurers.

If you have any worries that you are not up to date with the latest HR legislation or best practices, simply get in touch and we will gladly discuss how we can provide you with the right level of support or services to protect you and your business from all too frequent and stressful hotel HR issues and disputes.