Shock Bills For Stolen Phones – Who pays if it is a company mobile?

Stolen phones - who pays the bill?There has been a lot in the press recently about delays in reporting lost or stolen phones leading to the phone’s owner receiving bills for use of the phone before the network is informed. Sometimes these bills can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Not surprisingly someone coming into possession of a stolen mobile phone has an incentive to make as much use of it as they can before the network blocks it.

Many companies supply employees with company mobile phones and it is not unreasonable to expect that, on occasion, one will be lost or stolen. Where this happens it is usually the responsibility of the employee to report the loss to the company who will then notify the network.

As an employer does the company issue instructions to mobile phone users/employees on what to do in the event of the loss of a mobile phone? Without this it would be difficult to hold the employee responsible.

But what if the user is not able to contact the company, for example, if the phone went missing on holiday or at a weekend when the office is closed, who should be responsible for any costs incurred – the employee or the company? Does the company set a call/data limit with the network provider? Can the employee be made responsible for a proportion of any calls made?
Criag Mason - Principal HR Consultant

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