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Checklist To Assessing And Managing Your Cyber Risk

The majority of businesses in the UK will be exposed to some form of cyber risk or data loss exposure as part of their daily activities, even if they are not immediately obvious. To protect your business against these cyber risks and data loss exposures you need to be aware of what they are, how… Read More

Buying a Drone for Christmas? Do you need insurance?

Recent reports and figures from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) highlight concerns that the increasing popularity of drones, both commercially and privately owned, could pose a serious safety risk especially around airports and along flight paths. The word “drone” tends to conjure up images of pilotless military aircraft… Read More

Some Of The Ways You Could Invalidate Your Theft Cover

Most business premises insurance policies insist that a properly designed, installed, maintained (and, if needed, monitored) intruder alarm is fitted. An alarm plays an important role in crime prevention, deterring attempted theft or malicious damage. An alarm can also reduce the size of the loss by activating a police response to a theft in progress…. Read More

GETTING HIGHer – Significant Increase In Workplace Drug Testing

No-one wants employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol in their workplace. An employee under the influence can be an accident waiting to happen, overly disruptive, or challenging to work with in other ways such as increased levels of absence or poor attention to detail. A report by the BBC has found that workplace… Read More

10 Cyber Crime & UK Data Loss Facts & Figures Your Business Should Be Aware Of

When it comes to learning more about UK cyber crime and data losses, statistics abound. With more and more incidents of cyber crime impacting on both large and small businesses in the UK we have recently published a guide for business on Understanding Cyber Crime & Data Loss Risks, which is available as a free… Read More

10 Top Cyber Security News & Resources Every Business Should Visit

With cyber crime on the increase and not just against the large corporations it is important that all businesses keep up to speed on the latest cyber security news, risks, legislation and protections. We recently published our Guide to Understanding Cyber Crime & Data Loss Risks, a free comprehensive guide for businesses who want to… Read More

What is Hacking and How to Insure Against It

Barely a day goes by without the media reporting on the latest company to be hit by some form of cyber crime. One of the oldest and most recognised forms of internet and computer-related crime is that of hacking.  Here we look at what is hacking and, more importantly, how can you protect your business… Read More