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A message from our Chairman


I began my insurance career in the Claims Department at The Prudential and the values I learnt then have stayed with me. Today, my commitment to exceptional claims service and customer care, form the foundations of the Cooke & Mason family of companies.

My boss taught me that customers expect reasonable claims to be paid promptly and without unfair deductions. He said my job was to find ways to pay claims not ways to turn them down; too many insurers look for ways to turn claims down and that was wrong.

It was wrong in 1970 and it's still wrong today. That's why my business employs a very high percentage of claims staff. In fact, we have fourteen Claims Specialists and three of the team are Loss Adjusters or equivalent. If you have a big claim, we will send our specialist out to look after you.

Too many of our competitors consider claims to be a way to make money. We do not accept referral fees or farm out claims for a fee, and we do not sell your claims data to third parties. We don't believe an insurance broker should do that.

Ask your insurance broker if they can say that.

Steve Cooke ACII Chartered Insurance Broker Chairman of Cooke & Mason

About Cooke & Mason

Cooke & Mason are one of the UK’s leading Chartered Insurance Brokers, ranked in the country’s top 75 and employing over 120 insurance, claims and risk management specialists along with customer service and support staff.  Passionate about what we do, and proudly independent, we have a unique approach which is uncompromisingly focussed on supporting and protecting our clients.

Built on firm foundations, Cooke & Mason has many years’ experience and a wealth of expertise.

Cooke & Mason was formed in 1976 and the co-founder, Steve Cooke, remains at the head of the company today.  The success of the business is based on our commitment to customer service; to delivering quality solutions from a team of hands-on specialists; helping clients make the best informed decisions and being there for them in a crisis.

In 2008, the business acquired Stephenson’s, a long-established Lincolnshire based insurance broker.  In 1959 Sydney Stephenson set up in business to provide insurance to local and largely agricultural businesses.  Today, known as Cooke & Mason, the company has built on its strong reputation for personal service and now has a broad and loyal client base across a wide range of industries.

In 2016, Cooke & Mason was acquired by PIB Group, a rapidly growing group of insurance advisory businesses founded in 2014. To find out more about PIB Group click here.

Our expertise makes us different

Our industry knowledge and business sector specialisms enable us to deliver the right solutions, backed up with expert advice through our team of dedicated professionals.

At Cooke & Mason we understand that every enterprise is unique in how it operates and we design tailored solutions to satisfy inpidual needs. Crucially, we also ensure your business gets the very best support in the event of a claim. We work for you, delivering the best possible outcome. So whatever the circumstances, you get the professional service you need.

Unlocking the benefits of risk management 

With a holistic approach to insurance, we help you manage risks in addition to providing the optimum protection for your business. Through our sister company, PIB Risk Management, we offer cost effective services for Health and Safety, HR, Environmental Management, Quality Assurance, Business Continuity Planning and Training. We support customers in minimising risks, reducing accidents, meeting legal obligations: we facilitate the smooth running of their business.  Fewer incidents mean lower insurance premiums, less downtime, healthier staff and happier customers.

PIB Risk Management also offer an on-line resource which gives companies easy-access to a range of professional services, when they need them. Their award-winning xCentaPlus ( product is an incredibly cost-effective solution which ensures that you always have the very best, up-to-date information, support and advice when it comes to you managing your business.

PIB Risk Management also incorporates xCenta Solutions, a specialist web-based Health and Safety solution.  

Always delivering on our promise to customers 

Since the business was formed, the Cooke & Mason family has grown significantly but our strong focus on customer service and traditional values has always remained.

Our customers are at the heart of our company, and Cooke & Mason will continue to provide high quality insurance and risk management services to you through our dedicated and expert staff.

The official sign of quality 

Underlining our commitment to providing the best possible advice, service and support Cooke & Mason are proud to have been awarded the prestigious Chartered Insurance Brokers designation by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), the world’s largest professional body dedicated to the insurance and financial services sector. For further information please visit

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